video analitika

VCA core

VCAcore is at the heart of our products; providing a modular, cross-platform engine that unleashes the true power of networked video. VCAcore delivers proven object tracking and security algorithms combined with our unique Logical Rules engine and Deep Learning classifiers. The result is precision video analytics performance with flexible integration options at lower computational costs.


Featuring user-friendly interfaces, we make integration effortless with both new installations and existing systems. Our analytic features have been integrated into cameras while our multi-channel hardware solutions offer an easy add-on of analytics to your business. Deployed worldwide across 500,000 + video channels and working with VMS companies to bring you simple solutions to your business needs


Our fully featured analytics engine enables our customers to distinguish real threats from false alarms, reducing response times and costs. With direction flow, footfall and queue monitoring retailers can modify their approach to provide an enhanced shopping experience and improve sales. With object classification and tracking customers can oversee traffic, monitor vehicle numbers, identify illegal activity and respond to accidents in real-time